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Building Best Brands

The digital revolution transforms brands into media platforms. Users of digital offerings demand relevant and exciting content. Serviceplan Entertainment creates content for brands, helps to publish and distribute branded content and to successfully manage editorial brand communication.

Your website, your Facebook account, your YouTube channel, your Twitter feed ... everyday more digital platforms demand relevant and exciting content from your brand, allowing you to connect to your users and target groups. But where is the content coming from? Who maintains it and updates it daily?

We create, publish and distribute branded content. We create digital touchpoints for brands to connect to their target groups. We enable brands to build their own reach: on company-websites, social media channels, established media platforms, on mobile devices, in classical media, out of home on digital signage systems, on hybrid and smart TV. With our product placement services we even incorporate brands and products in entertainment entities on the big screen and in TV series.


Branded Entertainment

In times of radical change of media usage, brands need to attract their target groups by creating their own, relevant content rather than rely on marketing messages through paid media alone. That is what branded entertainment offers – brand communication with video, picture and text formats, creating an entertaining experience on behalf of the brand.

Media content and stories are designed precisely to address users and target groups with entertainment for the brand. Branded entertainment can manifest itself in video formats, can be reflected in thematic editorial specials and is an essential element of social media campaigns.