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Mediaplus is an expert on the use of digital media.

We assist and advise our clients on all questions surrounding digital media, as we are familiar with the particular legalities and know how creative and differentiated the manner of addressing your customers can be. In accordance with client requirements, our services run the gamut of modern digital communication, including behavioural advertising, performance marketing and social media.

We ensure that your online channel mix is effective and works efficiently – and is always optimised for your overall marketing and media strategy.

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Team Business Development

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In recent years, the use of digital media has experienced a significant increase in importance, especially in the field of marketing and digital advertising. Whether through consumption of television, radio or newspapers, almost every form of information or communication technology is now finding a digital way into the eyes and ears of respective recipients. HD-quality TV images would not be possible with an analogue transmission path and the great versatility of radio programmes could be far from guaranteed. In addition to this, since the introduction of tablet PCs the trend is now moving away from reading daily newspapers, weekly journals or even favourite books on paper, but rather downloading the words and images onto the digital screen and receiving them in this way.

The Internet holds a special position among digital media. Seldom before has such a medium established itself so dynamically and quickly amongst the public and managed above all to achieve a near hundred per cent usage rate among the younger generation.
Advertising agencies also use this development. Digital media can contribute to the ultimate success of an advertising campaign and therefore play an important role in the marketing mix.