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Building Best Brands

Serviceplan Campaign combines top creation with high levels of efficiency in integrated marketing communication.

With our "building best brands" planning approach, which we developed ourselves, we track both the quantitative and the qualitative objectives of a brand. Consequently, we maintain this approach in assisting the entire communication portfolio – from image-building campaigns to sales-oriented communication. In the process, we refer to our many years of experience in the field of integrated communication and multi-discipline networking at our "Haus der Kommunikation". For all communication disciplines that are relevant for successful integrated marketing communication, we offer our clients specific tools for increased return on investment.


Brand management

Brand management describes the systematic development of a brand in order to successfully distinguish or differentiate a company and its own products and offers from the competition and to meaningfully position it in the relevant target group. If a brand is correctly managed, the target group automatically associates characteristic qualities with it. A successful brand should create trust, appear desirable and encourage loyalty in the relevant target group in order to serve as an aid to orientation within the product ranges.

Integrated communication and recognition value

Nowadays, people are confronted daily with thousands of brand messages about a vast range of products, services and companies in a variety of online and offline media. It is therefore all the more important to differentiate oneself from the competition in a positive and successful manner through continual and professional brand management. It is not only pricing, product design, packaging design or presentation in store, but also events, websites, blogs and all other conventional and online forms of advertising that shape the attitude of the relevant target group towards the brand in the long term. Appropriate integrated communication on the brand should be used through all marketing channels for optimum brand management in order to create a positive recognition value.