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Building Best Brands

Serviceplan Public Opinion shapes public opinion on politics and the economy via political campaigning.

At our Berlin office, we develop campaigns and communication strategies to influence public opinion on political and socio-political issues.

Our clients are ministries, political institutions, associations and companies with political communication objectives. We combine the creative potential of a highly integrated campaign agency with consulting and analytical competence in political campaigning.


Public opinion is the sounding board in the general arena of political campaigning. It is relevant and crucial for ministries, political institutions, associations and companies with political communication objectives.
Companies and brands are constantly under the watchful eye of society. Socially and environmentally presentable economic management is something that is subject to public opinion, which is customer, financial backer and voter all at once, exerting a multi-layered effect on success. Inspirational political campaigning that takes on board the needs of society is therefore the key to success for a solid and reliable company and avoids unintended input from politicians.

Political consultancy

Ministries and public institutions have multifarious relationships with public opinion. They are politically and legally obliged to inform society about their work. But they also have information that they want to communicate and an obligation to support citizens in dealing with new challenges. Political consultancy requires more than a deep understanding of political contexts. The ability to understand complex internal hierarchies and parliamentary processes and to combine the capacity to act at very short notice with a maximum of quality assurance is at least equally important.

Public affairs

As one aspect of lobbying, public affairs is the control centre between the political class, associations and business. It involves advising and organising associations and companies about their relationships with policy makers.
Associations face very complex challenges. Their purpose is convince holders of political office of the importance of their industry but also to inform them about their expert knowledge and responsibility in their respective industry. However, they also need to regularly communicate the importance of their existence to their stakeholders. Political campaigning plays a crucial role in all of these challenges.