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Building Best Brands

Serviceplan Public Relations supports companies, brands and people in all areas of PR – from brand PR to corporate communications.

We are specialists in the area of public relations. We advise companies on classic public relations, corporate publishing, social online communication, crisis communication and change PR.

Using our Share of Public© analysis tool, we are in a position to coordinate the messages of our clients with the requirements of multipliers. At the same time, collaboration with other Serviceplan agencies enables us to provide a range of services that goes above and beyond public relations – for example, online and social media PR and innovative forms of media co-operation.


Public relations (PR) is used to selectively influence the relationship between a business, institution, organisation, individual or authority and the public. Through systematic press relations work, the image of the business etc. can be built up, the visibility and profile can be raised and, as a result, public trust can be gained.

If a business or institution cannot conduct any public relations work itself, there is the possibility of commissioning a PR agency, which takes care of the effective external presentation of the client. The agency acts according to the customer’s corporate identity guidelines. According to the aim of the campaign, it creates and distributes press releases, PR advertisements, articles, interviews and business reports or organises press conferences or PR events, for example.

Important areas of activity for public relations

The German Public Relations Association (DPRG) divides press work into several categories. These include:

• Media relations
Close collaboration with the editors of mass media (TV, radio, print and online) for the dissemination of information to the public.

• Public affairs
Provision of services, which are used as an interface between the economy, politics and the public. The aim is to gain the lasting involvement of businesses, associations, organisations and institutions in social and, above all, political processes.

• Investor relations
Target group-oriented dissemination of information and cultivation of contacts with parties responsible with capital interests (e.g. financial media, share holders, creditors, analysts)

• Crisis communication
Public relations of businesses, institutions, organisations and authorities in crisis situations.

• Corporate identity
Communication of the corporate identity or image of an organisation or institution etc.