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MINI Magic.

MINI invites you to play with magic.

The Idea
In India, when you think of Rangoli – an ancient folk art form, you instantly think of Diwali celebrations, brilliant colourful patterns, and an insignia that welcomes you inside someone's world. So this Diwali, MINI decided to spread the fun and magic of colours with MINI Rangoli Stencil, and become a part of people's homes.

Because Rangoli has a special place in Diwali celebrations, the MINI Rangoli Stencil developed by Serviceplan India was the perfect way to connect MINI with Diwali – one of the biggest festivals in India.

Capturing the essence of Rangoli, the MINI Rangoli design was both detailed and yet simple to bring into life. All one had to do was take the stencil, place it where one wanted to create his/her Rangoli masterpiece and fill the stencil with the vibrant colours provided in the stencil kit. Then simply lift the stencil off the ground and voila! Your very own MINI in RGB and more...




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Christoph Kunzendorf

Christoph Kunzendorf
Managing Director

+91 99 99 550 457

E-Mail: c.kunzendorf@serviceplan.com