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Welcome to the Future, India.

BMW i8 at the Auto Expo 2014.

Auto Expo India is the largest exhibition of the Indian automobile industry, drawing huge crowds, media attention and participation from automotive brands across the world. At such a big and impactful platform, where hundreds of brands vie for attention, BMW wanted to create an equally big impact.
‘Witness the Future at the Auto Expo’ was the core thought of the campaign. The ‘future’ being the latest futuristic and innovative cars from BMW, including the revolutionary BMW i8, which is at once dynamic like a sports car and yet highly efficient. The campaign was run in 2 phases - Teaser and Main.
Teaser Phase: Starting in the last week of December it included a billboard campaign on strategic sites in and around the capital Delhi, including at the iconic IGI Airport. Teasing the people with the message: “THE FUTURE IS COMING SOON. AT THE AUTO EXPO.”
A parallel online campaign saw new videos with the “future” theme uploaded every week on the central website platform www.welcometothefuture.in. These activities built incredible hype around the presence of BMW at the Auto Expo 2014.
Main Phase: Press ads, billboards and online banners marked the launch of the BMW i8 at the Auto Expo. Exclusive invites were sent to select target audience for participating in the future driven BMW pavilion. In addition, there was live coverage and webcast of the event by BMW TV, a first for India.
Highlight of the campaign was master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar talking about individual BMW cars on BMW TV, live from the BMW pavilion.
“Welcome to the Future” established brand BMW as the frontrunner in the world of luxury car brands that have the technological edge. Exceeding competitors in developing and offering the most sustainable and revolutionary technologies, first!
The highly visible campaign was a great success and garnered a huge response from the crowds at the Auto Expo, the Media and the online community. What’s more, BMW adopted ‘Future’ as the brand theme for the year 2014.


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