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+91 - Capturing Insights on India

+91 - Capturing Insights on India

Task at hand: Creating a book that captures detailed insights about India

The Idea: Serviceplan India was invited for the International Roadshow 2016 in Munich. This was our first time and we had to leave a mark in front of our International team and establish a global clientele. So, we came up with the idea of designing a book, ‘+91’, based on India’s ISD code to showcase India’s business capabilities.

Challenges: The book had to be extremely well-researched and should provide a detailed overview to the clients looking to enter the Indian market.


The strategy:

Each member of the team with expertise in their relevant field was asked to share their understanding, pen down their experience and forecast the trends. Hours and hours of research had gone to collect factual data and present a thorough article which summarizes the past, present and future of business, advertising and marketing landscape in India.

‘+91’ is the key to success in India because it captures all the business opportunities in the country in a precise manner. It includes the following and many more topics:

  • Whom to target in 2017?
  • Brands and the Indian Market
  • Trends in India
  • The Visual Story of Brands in India

The book was rated 1.1 out of 5 by the clients, 1 being the highest.

Drop a mail at a.kothari@serviceplan.com for a hard copy.

Regardless of the shape and size of the business, we create engaging and informative books, catalogues, brochures and other marketing collateral effectively. If you have a query, kindly drop a mail at j.prasad@serviceplan.com or call +91 124 42 14269. 

Download Case Study frome here.


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