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Every year, thousands of women are victims of acid attacks and burns. Majority of the cases are reported in India, Pakistan, Uganda, Nepal, Bangladesh and Cambodia. In India alone, it is estimated that over 1000 women become victims of an acid attack every year and one case of domestic abuse is reported every 5 minutes.


Serviceplan partnered with IPRAS WomenforWomen and NewsX news channel to raise awareness about the atrocities of acid attacks which would not only bring people to light about the sufferings of the victims but also reach out to people through multiple channels of communication to start a dialogue.

The Idea:

On 8th March on International Women’s Day, we executed a unique idea to spread awareness about the acid attack victims. The news on NewsX was presented by a special presenter: a woman with a veiled face. First, the presenter starts the broadcast by sharing an account of several women who have been disfigured by acid attacks. Next to her seated is a veiled co-host, it is clear that she is an acid victim. On the broadcast, the co-host who is an acid attack victim herself reached out to the viewer’s asking for their support.

The PR campaign was accompanied with various PR measures to raise awareness of the campaign and its underlying cause: a panel discussion with various Indian opinion influencers, posts on social-networking platforms, banner advertising on different websites and TV promotions.


IPRAS WomenforWomen

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