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With the help of geomedia, Mediaplus succeeds in positioning advertisements in exactly the right location using detailed location analysis and micro-level planning.

We support our customers in the optimal planning and controlling of regional and local advertising. For this purpose, we use detailed microanalyses of customer structures and examine media use and buying behaviour. Geomedia helps you discover everything you need to know about local target groups and their spatial distribution, along with their sales potential.

In branch marketing, our clients profit from our web-based "Mediaplus Branch Management System" (FiMS). With this tool, you can take control of your areas of distribution.

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Team Business Development

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Geomedia is a subarea of media planning which deals with the spatial aspects of media in particular. As an important component of general geomarketing, geomedia is not limited to just conventional direct marketing, but also incorporates all media with specific spatial references (supplements, posters, newspapers etc.). This form of regional analysis and planning is nothing more than transposing a database into the area to identify areas that are relevant for advertising.
Using highly localised geodata, an overview is created of the spatial distribution of target group characteristics, sociodemographic structures, employment and leisure characteristics, as well as purchasing and usage behaviour. Commuter flows, footfall figures and open sales potential can also be identified with the help of various analysis techniques. Along with official statistics, individual databases and studies of markets and media, nearly all forms of regionally classifiable information (customer databases, locality polls at till points etc.) can be transposed to the area and used for analysis and planning. Depending on requirements, the geomedia approach is appropriate for different spatial planes of a wide range of sizes: sections of buildings, micromarkets or postcode areas.

Through individual location analysis, chain stores in particular can determine the geographic catchment area for each individual location, identify areas within the overall catchment area that have strong potential and optimise their advertising efforts accordingly. Geomedia enables the selective/target group-oriented use of regional media in potential regions in order to reduce waste coverage. Finally, the selection and use of the most efficient regional media is determined by the characteristics of the target group, the product being advertised, strategic goals, opportunities in the catchment area and the relevant spatial planes.