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Mediaplus fuses traditional media planning services with specialist expertise in the fields of digital media, geo media and CRM. When doing so, the target purchaser group plays a key role, which consequently fosters innovative and highly efficient media planning services.

At Mediaplus, media strategies go far beyond mere media planning and media purchasing services. Our spectrum of services includes innovative strategies that not only meet traditional media goals, but also ensure that you achieve the sales targets you have set.

While 90% of all FMCG campaigns on TV are planned and optimised with socio-demographic target groups in mind, we focus on the target group of your actual and potential purchasers. This approach means we can make your media investment more efficient by up to 30%.

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The integral planning process for the targeted placement of advertisements in the mass media (TV, newspapers, radio etc.) is known as media planning. Media planners in specialist media agencies are responsible for the optimum allocation of the specified advertising budget to advertising media in order to achieve the communications goals set.

Before the optimum advertising environment is determined and is integrated into the media plan, the main focus is on analysis of target groups and competition. The decision for placing advertisements depends on various influencing factors, such as availability and coverage of the media, media compatibility, media usage behaviour of the relevant target group and media fees. A media planner takes heed of qualitative and quantitative criteria for the long-term evaluation of a campaign. Successful media planning should reach the defined target group as directly as possible in order to minimise waste coverage. Important key figures are the coverage, contacts (cost per thousand impressions, or CPM for short), gross and net coverage. A carefully created media plan that takes influencing factors into account can raise the level of brand or company awareness and increase sales in the long term, depending on the company goal.

Because of the increasing flood of information nowadays and the complex problems for successful media planning that result from this, companies mostly commission professional media agencies. These agencies advise the advertiser from the beginning; from defining the target group and determining the communications goal, creating the optimum media plan and carrying out the campaign, through to monitoring the success of the advertisement. In addition to this, the agency can manage negotiations of contractual terms and conditions with the marketers and undertake the purchasing of advertising spaces.