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With intelligent media research, Mediaplus ensures maximum campaign success and an optimal RoI.

Media is almost always the largest investment block in the marketing budget. Monitoring and maximising budget efficiency and RoI (return on investment) is therefore particularly important. For this purpose, we vigilantly assist all media campaigns run by our clients with comprehensive media research in co-operation with GfK and Nielsen.

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Media research (also known as advertising research and audience research) is described as the systematic research into the influence of communication channels on advertising success and consumer behaviour. Media analysis is one of the methods used for this. Media analysis examines, above all, the media consumption behaviour of subgroups of the population or of the whole population via telephone interviews or questionnaires. In comparison with media analysis, media research also examines psycho-demographic and demographic features of the user.

Marketers mostly initiate media analyses and can use them to provide media planners with the results as an additional basis for decision making when creating media plans and performing media selection.
Studies from the following areas can be provided in media research:

• advertising impact
• media use
• target groups
• media range