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In the field of mobile marketing, Plan.Net accompanies its clients into the mobile future: with mobile websites, display advertising and powerful apps.

Mobile marketing offers new methods of communication. Strategic experience, creativity and all sorts of innovation: with these strengths, we ensure that our clients also leave behind a professional impression on the mobile web. On their behalf, we design and realise mobile display campaigns, websites and portals as well as iPhone and Android apps. And, of course, we match all mobile measures with your overall marketing strategy. This is how we make mobile marketing work.

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Mobile marketing is also described as mobile advertising and includes all marketing activities using wireless and mobile devices such as mobile telephones, smartphones and tablet PCs.

The mobile market is a global growth market. With the introduction of affordable flat rates, data services are becoming ever more important. Four in five mobile phone users now have the capability to use mobile Internet on their mobile phones. 25% of the advertising-relevant target group already uses mobile Internet. Thanks to this existing situation and through the use of tracking and targeting methods already established in the online domain, the possibilities of mobile marketing have multiplied.

Mobile marketing is attention grabbing and enables an individual dialogue to be built up using a broad range of advertising materials and so also makes offline media capable of responding. Advertising media for mobile advertising are display ads, websites, SMS, MMS, QR codes, augmented reality and mobile apps.

Applications (apps) are small applications programs that can be installed in particular on smartphones and tablet PCs directly. As a rule, this software is customised to the specific needs of the target group and can be downloaded from various online portals in exchange for a fee or even for free in some cases. Due to the different mobile operating systems, mobile apps are categorised as Android apps, iPhone apps and Windows Mobile apps. These are specifically programmed for each system and are not compatible with one another. The content of mobile apps ranges from messages about games to extensive databases.