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Making your brands into TV stars: Mediaplus finds the right product placement environment for you.

Brands can "join in" with films and series on TV: product placement has been allowed in German TV programmes since the 13th German Interstate Agreement on Broadcasting was approved. Brands and products profit from the image and support of TV productions and can display their full effect.

Mediaplus organises the perfect TV appearance for various types of placement: whether product, corporate, location or issue placement. We continually observe which TV formats and productions are suited to you and take care of the entire co-ordination and arrangement with producers and stations.

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Team Business Development

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Product placement is the strategy of paying for products or product names to be placed in television programmes or films for example. The product placements or placements of elements of products are used as props and can therefore be creatively incorporated into the storyline or editorial section of different media with the goal of reinforcing the brand.

The product or brand can only be integrated where it fits in with the actual story. In this way product placement can serve as a form of communication for a company and can lead to an increase in brand awareness.

Product placement using the example of a film production

As a rule, film producers are responsible for film sets. They determine which objects are required in certain scenes in order to lend a distinct character to the setting or role.

The property master is responsible for providing the film props, for example objects and clothing, either by buying or renting the props required. Companies are however often prepared to make products or brands etc. available for free or to pay for product placement. The price is determined by supply and demand. However it is not necessarily exclusively about money. Often both sides profit from this communication strategy: the company gets a particular form of advertising and the film producer can create a distinct character in the scenes or roles etc. with the products or brands.