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Plan.Net ensures that brands establish themselves sustainably on the social web.

Companies wishing to call attention to themselves and their brands on the social web (through social media marketing) need a good strategy and communication skills. In addition, we develop and realise concepts with the sure instinct that is indispensable for communication on the social web. Our clients profit from the knowledge of our interdisciplinary teams that bring together specialists from consulting, creation, PR, media and research. They not only take care of the international measures on the social web, but also ensure that they match all other marketing measures.

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Team Business Development

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Social media marketing, also often simply called social marketing, includes web offerings, applications and platforms for the reciprocal exchange of opinions, impressions and experiences. The most widely used social media sites in Germany include Facebook, YouTube and MyVideo.

The Internet makes conversations and opinions about products and brands accessible for all. Conversations and applications are especially crucial for successful social media marketing. A new form of communication between brands and people is therefore emerging. By means of interaction, a gap between the sender and recipient will be avoided. Users create their own content, also called user generated content. Texts, images, audio or video content are used as communication methods.

As a communications strategy, social media marketing requires a long-term commitment from a company and must be part of the business culture. Those who wish to pursue social marketing must make internal resources available because interaction cannot be conjured out of thin air, but rather requires careful strategic planning.

Social media monitoring

Social media marketing takes place on three consecutive levels. Social media monitoring, firstly establishes how people speak about companies and brands via various data sources. This determines the status quo. Relevant communication goals can be derived from these findings and recommendations for action can be defined. Based on this, dialogue is offered in the second level, since a brand that wishes to be active on the “social web” must provide areas for all interested parties and be prepared to have dialogue with consumers there. The grassroots presence establishes contact and trust and creates loyalty among existing customers. In the final step the brand can then become active itself according to individual marketing goals and target groups via highlights and initiatives and therefore directly convey the relevant message. Initiatives and activities may be services, campaigns, competitions or other mechanisms.